A Full Life

He was born to be a surgeon of the Heart, and he lived to become one, it had to be so because his love and dedication to his patients came from his heart and from his profound humanism.

He devoted his whole life to help, cure, comfort his patients, in an unselfish way. If the patient didn’t have medical insurance or if the patient’s family didn’t have the money, no problem, Chico will help you and save your life, because he cared.

Mary Alice his devoted wife and his four loving children, were his rock, his foundation; he could take care of his patients at odd hours because his family was there to give him what he gave to his patients; love.

When I started my medical practice and met doctor Chiscano, he was already quite well known in San Antonio, his status as a first class cardiovascular surgeon and as a modern Mecenas involved in numerous projects to benefit San Antonio, was well established. I addressed him as doctor Chiscano, he cut me short and with a big smile he said, please just call me Chico.

From the Mayor of San Antonio to the patient with no insurance; from the King of Spain to the person who waited at their table; he was simply Chico.

When his time was near the end, his one and only regret was «there is still so much to do for San Antonio».
He was a dreamer but he was also a doer.

Alfonso was born in Spain, in the island of Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands; he came to America for his medical training as a cardio thoracic surgeon, he came as an immigrant , he excelled as a physician.

He loved Spain, the Canarias, and loved the USA. Part of his heart was in Tenerife and part of his heart was in San Antonio de Bejar.

Rest in Peace dear friend. Descansa en Paz querido amigo.
Buenas noches y hasta pronto Chico.


Arturo Molina, M.D.
Internal Medicine
San Antonio, Texas